Construction Progress Consulting Services

A Home Custom Designed by Dan's Custom Plans in Progress

There are many rewards for building your own home. You get to make the decisions and it is often less expensive. An existing home may have an inflated investment that the seller must recover and there are realtor fees to be added. Building a new home can save you as much as 10% - 15% over buying an existing home.

But building a home can take time, skills, and knowledge you may not possess. Frankly, your builder must overcome an automatic bias because of cost versus profit considerations. This makes them questionable as the best guide to their work progress. This is no negative reflection on builders; it is simply a fact of life and an almost unavoidable conflict of interest.

We can help with that. In designing your home we are very good at doing what is best and efficient from a construction standpoint. However we will be working for you, not your builder. Here is what we can do:

We can provide this service very reasonably. We would do this within a reasonable radius of our office in Birmingham, AL. If you have questions or comments you are welcome to contact us here.